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Compressed Air Seminars


Join us for the one day 'Compressed Air Seminar'
and gain a greater understanding about the design of Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air SeminarThe goal of the Compressed Air Seminar is to assist in maintaining a reliable and efficient compressed air network. An integral part of this process is providing opportunities for companies to learn about compressed air, its efficiencies and the significant cost savings.

KAESER Compressors has made a considerable effort in the area of educating the industry, with the development of the one-day 'Compressed Air Seminar'. In addition to providing comprehensive information regarding compressed air, the objective is to motivate compressed air users to optimise the air systems and be able to benefit from significant energy savings. The seminar content is the very latest edition, updated through the years.

At the completion of this seminar, each delegate should be able to:
  • understand compressed air’s fundamental principles and terminology 
  • identify compressor types and their components 
  • have an in-depth understanding of control systems
  • select the most appropriate air compressor for an application
  • be competent in cost comparisons between different compressors
  • have a know how of Installation, operation and maintenance of air compressors
  • be able to troubleshoot air compressor problems and,
  • know how to deal with air leaks, and correct air main sizing.
All participants receive:Compressed Air Seminar
  • 'The Compressed Air Seminar Handbook' – a manual with practical knowledge and reference material, which has been designed to be a valuable future resource for daily practical use
  • Certificate of Attendance – which states the completion of the seminar and serves as documentary proof of attendance.

2018 Compressed Air Seminar Dates
Please fill in the form below if you are interested in registering to attend one of the following 2018 compressed air seminars;

  • Queensland; 16th May 2018, venue to be confirmed
  • Tasmania; 20th June 2018, venue to be confirmed
  • Victoria; 22nd August 2018, KAESER Training School, Dandenong
  • Western Australia; 3rd September 2018, venue to be confirmed

* Seminar Location
* First name
* Surname
* Company
* Address
* Suburb
* State
* Postcode
* Telephone
* Email

If not stated above, we will contact you with the venue closer to the Conference date.

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